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Chapps is exited to reveal its latest addition to the Dorm Inspector Solutions namely the "Floor Inspector App".
An App specically created for the Ra's & Rd's for handy day-to-day use.

Now we offer our clientele an all-encompassing solution for their housing management.

Chapps is offering you a fully integrated solution for managing dormitory inspections. It consists of a variety of tools; each one tailored to fully support the specific role of the person involved.The Dorm Inspector App specifically created for the iPad only, is used by the housing officer, resident dean, or by a professional inspector.

The Floor Inspector App created for both Android & Apple Smartphones, has been specifically designed for resident assistants and floor inspectors.

Of course, we didn’t forget about the maintenance crew, for them we created a Dorm Maintenance App for both Ipad & Iphone.
All this and more is complemented by the Chapps Dorm Manager, a handy back-office where we place the manager in full control.
Mastering dormitory inspections is in your reach.
All you have to do is take the leap and change your ways!

Sign up for an online tutorial today, or request an in-depth demo of our Student housing tools. Chapps is proud to reveal its latest addition to our wide range of inspection/inventory Apps.
The Building Inspector: Lite
The one & only App specifically created for the management of your buildings, be building check-up's, identifying direct issues, incident reporting, indicate meters and gauge stands, keep logbooks and much more.
So what are you waiting for?
We invite you to discover our Building Inspector App.
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Discover & explore the Chapps Dormitory Solutions
During the Annual Student Accommodation conference, December 7th @ NCC, Birmingham!
During this conference, we will be exhibiting our Dorm Inspector App, an App specifically created for student Accommodation management and dormitory inspections both on and off campus.
We will also be introducing our Building Inspector App, an App specifically created to perform a wide range of building inspection checks.
Don’t miss out on your chance to come check us out @ Booth 39

Can't make it? 
Contact us here, to schedule a meeting outside the conference hours or for more information or a private demo contact us here.

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We are excited to see you all there!
Did you know that all of Chapps’ Inspection Apps, come with a handy yet powerful back office?
The Chapps Manager is the Management tool for your Rental Inspection App.
So, while your inspectors are out & about, conducting their everyday tasks, you can take a look at all inspections that have occurred and even schedule their work week.
In today’s “Spotlight Feature” we will explore one of the main features of the Chapps Manager namely the Scheduling Feature.
This handy feature, allows you to create inspection jobs, assign these inspection jobs and even schedule them in to a handy calendar, once finished you can make use of our handy Map Feature which will allow you to see what your employee’s day or week will look like.
Discover these and many more features of the Chapps Manager today!

Want to know more about the Chapps Manager? Click here.
Are you interested in scheduling a demo, or testing out a free demo account?
Chapps will be present at a wide range of events please click here blog to find out where we are headed next!
The Chapps Team
Coming soon the Chapps Military Inspection App.
A tool specifically created for Private & Public Military Housing.
Chapps stands for checking Apps, we specialize in creating Apps tailored to industry specific audiences. When we create Apps, we make sure that we have done all the necessary research, listened to industry input and much more.
The Chapps Military Inspection App
The App can accommodate On-base and Off-base housing, be it barracks/dormitory housing, apartments and multifamily military housing.
This App will support a range of inspections be it; normal, periodic inspections or health & welfare inspections, for dormitory rooms.
We also accommodate; housekeeping inspections, pre-vacate inspections, final/vacate inspections (white glove inspections), and even inventory inspections for On-base housing.
We know that dealing with military housing has its very own and unique challenges, that’s why we created an app specifically tailored to the military housing industry.
Want to know more about this app?
Please contact us at


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